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Joseph Arnold Lofts

For Joe, great things are meant to be.

Urban living conjures up images of people living in boxes high above the hustle and bustle below. That’s just not our style.

Joe is redefining apartment life and city living.

Reflecting the values of its namesake, Joseph Arnold Schuster, The Joe celebrates the community of Seattle, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and the outdoor beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Unmatched quality, sustainable design and modern amenities come together to make city living more convenient. More relaxing. And significantly more beautiful.

Joseph Arnold Lofts

Meet Joe

Joseph Arnold Lofts is named in honor of developer, Mark Schuster’s father. Joe is remembered as an outdoor adventurer, environmental advocate and humanitarian. Joe was a man who was deliberate in teaching others through his actions and behavior, more than his words. A successful Seattle physician, Joe was a generous man that supported a number of organizations, especially those centered upon the principles of social justice and environmentalism.


1 Month Free on Select Homes - Limited Time!

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